Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The US needs only 1 PS3 memory card adapter project.

So I bought the PS3 memory card adapter even though I know that I am only going to use it once in my life. So I am proposing the following project.

After I am done I will send this memory card adapter to anyone who needs to use it, as long as they promise to send it to someone else who needs to use it. The only cost will be the cost to mail it to the next person who wants it.

1. You can transfer your saves to your PS3 for around $2.00 (I will post the actual cost of shipping once I find it out) instead of $15.74.

2. Sony does not make tons of money by selling this one time use accessory to everyone who needs it.

3. You don't need to go anywhere to buy and/or return the accessory.

4. If this catches on and becomes and Internet phenomenon you can proudly say that you were apart of it and that you were there when it first began.

5. The US Postal Service will benefit from the money used to ship the memory card reader from place to place and from the money used to buy stamps. If you read the news you'll know that the USPS is not doing well right now.

6. The memory card reader is hard to find in some places in the US. If you join us, you won't have to go look for it.

1. You will have to find an envelope so that you can mail the accessory to the next person.

2. You will have to pay for stamps.

3. You will have to wait for the memory card reader to get to you before you can transfer your saves.

Once this project gets rolling I will probably throw together one of those online maps that allow anyone to add locations to so we can all see just where the memory card adapter has been.

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